All spring went so fast and it was time for Romania International in Timisoara. I was well prepared but mentally I was missing something. Most likely because of the summer training periode which means hard physical training almost every single session. First match was against Kati-Kreet Maran from Estonia. I won in two streight games but I felt very uncomfortable on court. I didn’t play well and I was not so happy about it. In the second round I played Sara Penalver, the young Spanish girl which ended up 30:29 in my favor in the first game. It was so tight and I was behind all the game, but my rutine was just so much greater that I won in the end. In the quarter final Alesia Zaitsava was waiting me and last time we played, she did kill me physically. It was before my return to training, so I was optimistic about the match. And so I had to be. 21:19, 19:21, 21:19 in my favor and I was ready to play the semi final later on the same day. I had to play Korean Soo Bin Lim and I knew from the beginning, that it could be tough. But I played one of my best matches so far and won 21:18, 22:20. FINAL TIME 🙂 Unfortunately I had got so much liquid in my left knee, that I had to withdraw from the final to prevent any more serious injuries, so I never had the chance to challenge Clara Azumendi in the final.